You're as bright as the sun & as bold as the moon.

I Can’t wait till my Iggy bear is here. <3

You’re only 10 ounces so, you have a ways to go, but, it’ll be worth the wait.

Yeah, Um hello!

I’m over here trying to write an ENGLISH paper for a final.

I don’t want to hear your Spanish music. Use some headphones.

K thanks. -_-

Mmmmm, I love casseroles!

I was having a  fantastic morning until someone decided to get pissed off at me for a petty reason.

Ughhh. I’m so ready to graduate and leave behind all these people and the problems that they carry with them.

Well at least it’s the weekend. :))

Funny, I wrote this forever ago, and saved it in my drafts planning to add more to it but now I know I never will do so.
So, I shall publish it anyhow.

"people let me tell you about my bestfrienddddd…."

My Andrew-sugarboo.